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OSNT fees are lower than most banks and private trustee services, with flat fees for trust administration services and no hourly or additional charges for phone calls or other activity, no minimum deposit, and no maximum limits on account balances.


We maintain current and in-depth knowledge of the complicated and ever-changing rules associated with administration of an SNT. We also assume responsibility for ensuring compliance in order to protect benefits.


As part of an independent non-profit organization, the OSNT manages subaccounts with an objectivity that may not be possible when family members serve as trustees. Family dynamics and personal interests of trustees often result in difficulties when administering a private trust.


Family members may experience a variety of personal circumstances that can affect their ability to serve as a trustee, or simply find it too difficult to manage a trust. The Arc Oregon has been advocating for people with disabilities for 65 years, and will be here to maintain consistency and continuity regardless of how long the account remains open.

Safety & Security

Safeguarding the assets of our trust beneficiaries is a primary goal of the OSNT. We take the integrity of the OSNT and the stewardship of trust funds very seriously. We have established policies and procedures to ensure checks and balances are in place for all transactions. For trust clients, we offer online access for to view individual trust account financial activity in real-time through a secure, password-protected portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the ability to print account statements and histories at any time. 


The Arc Oregon has a long history of advocating with and for people with disabilities. In addition to our expertise in trust management, we offer insight into meeting the needs of people with disabilities and apply that knowledge and experience to the administration of each sub-account while keeping the best interests of the beneficiary in mind.

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