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Our goal is to make the disbursement process simple. We review requests to ensure they do not jeopardize public benefits, are for the sole benefit of the sub-account beneficiary, and are otherwise in the best interest of the beneficiary. The process typically takes about 2 weeks once we have a completed request with all supporting documentation.

1. Review the Disbursement Instructions

  • Before submitting a disbursement request form, please review the DISBURSEMENT INSTRUCTIONS and the Welcome Handbook section about what type of disbursements are allowed
  • For more information, you can also visit the FAQs page
  • Contact the OSNT staff to discuss your request before committing to any major purchase or payment

2. Complete the Disbursement Form

  • To begin the process, complete a disbursement request form online, or download, complete and send the form to the OSNT office. 
  • Fill out the form completely – incomplete information will delay the process
  • Upload or send supporting documentation such as purchase order, invoice or billing statement

2. Request is Reviewed

  • Upon receipt, the Trust Assistant will confirm all necessary information and documentation has been received
  • Incomplete requests will be placed in pending status until the required information or documentation is received
  • Complete requests are forwarded to the Trust Manager for review
  • Trust Manager approves or denies the request
  • If a request is denied, a letter is sent to the requester explaining the reason why and how to appeal the decision

3. Check is Issued

  • Checks for approved disbursements are issued from Key Bank in Cleveland, Ohio, and mailed to the OSNT office
  • Trust staff mail the check to the requester or appropriate party as noted on the original request
  • Contact our office if you have not received the check within 2 weeks of submitting your request

4. Complete Purchase & Submit Receipts

  • Use the check issued to complete your purchase
  • If payment was issued in advance of a purchase, an ITEMIZED receipt must be returned to the OSNT within 2 weeks – receipts may be uploaded or mailed to our office
  • Disbursements may be submitted at any time, but new disbursement requests will not be approved until receipts are received from payments previously issued