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The enrollment process for a first-party or a third-party trust is similar, but extra steps may be needed if a beneficiary is funding his or her own trust and the person does not have capacity to enter into a legal agreement.

1. Schedule a Consultation

We’d like to talk with you to discuss your individual needs and to determine whether or not the OSNT is the right solution for you. Please complete our brief intake questionnaire or call our office at (503) 581-2726 to get started.

2. Gather Supporting Documents

Review the Application Checklist for more information on required documents noted below.

  • Eligbility letters from SSI, SSDI, OHP (Medicaid), and/or any other benefits received by the beneficiary
  • ISP, BSP, Care or Treatment Plan if applicable
  • Beneficiary Identification document – Photo ID, Drivers License, Social Security Card and/or Birth Certificate
  • Verification of the source of funds (e.g., copy of will, trust, settlement or Social Security over-payment)
  • Copy of legal representation documents such as Letters of Guardianship/Conservatorship or Power of Attorney
  • Court Order (and copy of Petition) authorizing the establishment and funding of a trust account – This requirement applies to first-party trusts where the beneficiary does not meet competency requirements for establishing a trust account

3. Complete the Joinder Agreement

4. Submit Enrollment Fee with Application Packet

  • Mail application materials with ORIGINAL Joinder Agreement to: 
    The Arc Oregon / OSNT
    2405 Front Street NE #120
    Salem OR 97301
  • Include check for the Enrollment Fee in the amount of $750, payable to The Arc Oregon.
  • Include check for initial funding of the account payable to “OSNT FBO Beneficiary’s Full Name” (if it is not being set up as an unfunded account).
    NOTE: Enrollment fee can be deducted from the account once it is established and funded as long as the initial funding check is sent with the application packet.

5. Confirmation

Upon receipt and verification of your application packet, it will be reviewed within 3 working days. If there is a problem with the application, such as insufficient documentation, or incorrect or incomplete Joinder Agreement, we will contact you to discuss the issue and work with you to complete the enrollment process. Complete packets are submitted to the Executive Director for review and approval.

Once the application is approved by the Executive Director, the account is established and a Welcome Notebook is sent to the Primary Authorized Representative that includes:

  • Trust Account Number
  • Annual Spending Target
  • Online Account Access login information (if requested)
  • Disbursement Request and Contact Change forms
  • Welcome Guide with information on how to access and use the trust
  • Copy of fully executed Joinder Agreement
  • Copy of  Master Trust Agreement

You should allow 2 to 4 weeks for the entire enrollment process to be completed.

6. Notification

The Primary Authorized Person is responsible for reporting the establishment of the pooled trust sub-account to the relevant government agencies. All of the necessary reporting documents are included in the Welcome Notebook. Upon request, we can also provide a letter to the agency that outlines how the pooled trust meets the qualifications for non-countable asset.

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