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About Our Fees

We strive to set our fees so that the interest, dividends and earnings from the trust’s pooled investments will cover the cost of the fees applied to each sub-trust account without having to access the principal of the account to maintain the account. In doing so, we aim to protect the assets of each beneficiary and reduce the chance of significant losses that may result from market volatility.

Any funds remaining after meeting the administrative needs of the program are used to provide additional programs and services that further support and advance the mission and goals of The Arc Oregon.  

Fees are evaluated annually by the OSNT Advisory Committee and any recommended changes are reviewed for approval by The Arc Oregon Board of Directors. The last change in administration fees resulted in a reduction of fees for the majority of account holders. Fees were further reduced in January 2016 with the transition of Trustee services to Key Bank.

Fee Schedule

  • Enrollment Fee $750

    This is a one-time cost of opening the sub-trust account and establishing a detailed beneficiary profile that will guide us in managing the sub-trust account in the best interest of each beneficiary based on their specific situation and needs. If more than one account is established for a beneficiary (such as a 1st party and a 3rd party account), the second enrollment fee is reduced by 50%. The enrollment fee is due when an enrollment application (Joinder Agreement) is submitted. For accounts being immediately funded, the fee may be deducted from the sub-trust account once it is established, but then the initial funding check must be submitted along with the enrollment packet.

  • Enrollment Fee - Additional Account(s) $375

    If more than one account is established for a beneficiary,such as a 1st party and a 3rd party account, or the sibling of a beneficiary, the second enrollment fee is reduced by 50%.

  • Administration Fee 1%

    The Administration Fee is an annual fee that is prorated and applied to sub-trust accounts on a monthly basis. This fee covers the cost of day-to-day management of the sub-trust account, which includes receiving and reviewing disbursement requests, processing disbursement checks and deposits, maintaining accurate accounting of sub-trust accounts, mailing, ensuring compliance with state and federal rules and regulations, and serving as a resource to beneficiaries and their advisers regarding the trust.

  • Investment Management Fee ~0.5%

    Key Bank charges this fee on an annual basis (applied quarterly) for managing the investments in the trust and serving as the legal Trustee. This fee is calculated based on the sub-trust account balance at the end of each calendar month. Based on the sliding fee scale noted below, as the total pool increases, the fees charged to each sub-trust account decrease.

  • On the first $1,000,000 of pooled funds .95%
  • On the next $2,000,000 of pooled funds .75%
  • On the next $2,000,000 of pooled funds .55%
  • On pooled assets over $5,000,000 .45%
  • Annual Renewal Fee Flat fee based on balance

    The annual renewal fee is based on the balance in the sub-trust account as of December 31st of each year as shown above. This flat fee covers the cost of annual reconciliation and reporting as well as all annual account reviews and renewal. Annual renewal fees for unfunded or zero-balance donor accounts will remain the same until the account is funded. Your rate will not change even if there is an overall rate increase on OSNT fees.

  • Unfunded Account $88
  • Less than $5,000 $20
  • $5,000-$9,999 $150
  • $10,000-$19,999 $210
  • $20,000-$34,999 $345
  • $35,000-$49,999 $455
  • $50,000-$74,999 $585
  • $75,000-$99,999 $690
  • $100,000-$199,999 $895
  • $200,000 and over $1000
  • Transaction and Activity Fees $0

    Unlike some other trusts, OSNT does not charge any fees for individual transactions (deposits or disbursements) or interactions with the beneficiary or authorized representative (phone calls, emails, personal visits).

  • Stop Payment Fee $30

    This fee will be assessed for any disbursement check that is lost or stolen, requiring that a stop payment be placed on the check. Checks that will not be used should be marked “Void” and returned to the OSNT office to avoid the need for a stop payment.

  • Tax Preparation Fee $40

    This fee is deducted annually and paid to Key Bank for preparation of tax documents, which are sent each year to the sub-account beneficiary or primary authorized person.

  • Closing Fee $100

    Upon the death of the beneficiary, or depletion or transfer of the trust sub-trust account, a closing fee will be assessed prior to distributing the remainder of the funds to cover the final administrative tasks required to wrap up the trust.