OSNT 2021 Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction Survey
1. If your account was established within the last 2 years, were the Trust staff helpful throughout the enrollment process?
THIS QUESTION IS ONLY FOR NEW ACCOUNTS (established within the last 2 years)
2. When I call to discuss my Trust, the person I need to speak with is easily accessible.
3. When the person I want to speak with is not available, he or she returns my call within two business days.
4. I feel comfortable referring relatives, friends, and colleagues to the Trust for assistance.
5. Of the Trust materials that I have received and read, such as brochures and the Quarterly Newsletter provided by The Arc, I found them to be helpful and easy to understand.
6. When my disbursement request is received by The Arc, it is processed within two weeks, or I am contacted within 7 days.
7. When my disbursement request cannot be approved, the reasons are explained to me so that I may have a clear understanding of why the disbursement could not be approved.
8. Requesting disbursements is a positive experience for me. The staff is receptive to how I want my Trust used and is encouraging and supportive of my efforts.
9. The monthly account statements are understandable, and the information provided is sufficient.
10. How are you associated with the Trust?
11. How long have you been enrolled in, or assisting someone who is enrolled in, the Oregon Special Needs Trust?
12. How often do you request disbursements from the Trust?